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Social Gospel of Presidents Lincoln, FDR, & LBJ [Obamathology plays out itself with timidity-caused miscues aplenty]

Our greatest U.S. Presidents were incredibly progressive and transformative by surmounting national crises by taking their matters directly to the people/commoners, the backbone of America, and then define the old order/status quo as being the obstacles to what reform demands … Continue reading

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new host [to handle increased views — over 32,000 in past 4 weeks on Tom Burnett’s article alone]

Tom Burnett’s Fukushima meltdown article has over 30,000 views over the past 3 weeks, ¬†thence a new host to handle the increased ¬†hits.   ______________________________________ Contrary to popular opinion, lower class taverns 3 centuries ago were the 1st racially integrated … Continue reading

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