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Adultery pros & cons??? * Adultery tends to cause more problems than it heals  *   QUESTION: Not sure I agree that adultery indicates human brokenness. Adultery certainly indicates a broken marriage, but if the marriage fails to fulfill the human need, isn’t … Continue reading

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Forgiveness is complicated, powerful medicine both to the giver and the given — sage Steven Kalas * Forgiveness works as complicated, powerful medicine * I’m ready to forgive. I notice this spontaneously, in the middle of an unrelated conversation with the person in question. I don’t think she even hears herself. Suddenly, in passing, she … Continue reading

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Isn’t it simpler and more accurate to say that your heart is broken? And, if I’m right about that, then, yes, grief is a kind of neediness. That is, grief connotes a need in us. Specifically, the need to grieve! — sage Steven Kalas * It’s natural to feel ‘needy’ * First, let’s examine the word “needy.” Because, while this word is mostly understood to be a pejorative — a self-criticism — it’s not that simple. * “Neediness” is a double-edged sword. A … Continue reading

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Music divine!! Heaven pours choirs of angels across her vocal chords and out into the celestial sky above! Choose, honeybun — adorned but great [LeAnn Rimes] or unadorned [Maureen Kilgore]??

Soulful superstar LeAnn Rimes  — * * * Unadorned originalist Maureen Kilgore  — * * * * * * * * * * again, the adorned but great LeAnn Rimes — * * * * and the unadorned … Continue reading

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theodicy — suffering in the world and the matter of evil — an afterlife is a cop-out * But, the test you administered to your loved one would probably forever alter your relationship with the loved one. And not for the better. * I want to say something to you that will guarantee me lots of … Continue reading

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I will die a good death — as my greatest hero Viktor Frankl said, “having been” is the surest kind of being, though it cannot inspire envy [life is full of suffering].

I love and am loved.   I want to love and want to be loved.   I am true to my heart and I lead with my heart.    I will die a good death.    No one but me decides my attitude when … Continue reading

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In praise of Gautam Mukunda’s extraordinary study “Indispensable: When leaders really matter” *  go to timeclock 53:30 for the final 10 minutes of this terrific program. * What makes a leader indispensable?  [a positive extremist who came out of nowhere like Abraham Lincoln who preserved our Union, compared to mottled/mosaic conformist Thomas Jefferson, … Continue reading

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