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If a Googlebot is crawling your site looking for information to index, it is paramount to your success that your author website is Search Engine Optimized. — Writer’s Relief Staff

* * * * * * SEO Tips: 5 Ways To Increase A Writer’s Googleability * Googleability—the likelihood of being found by an Internet search engine, especially Google—is an integral part of establishing a recognizable brand or … Continue reading

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Arnold Mindell, the author of 20 books on process oriented psychology, says that the body is the midwife to the mind. Never has it been more critical to rely on the wisdom of your own body for the answers that are right for you. Ask your gut. It knows. — Jane Pollak

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The word “heart” is used more than 1000 times in … Continue reading

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“The fact that most Americans think the country would be better off if more Americans were religious shows that many of those who believe religion is losing its influence may think this is a negative state of affairs,” Gallup said in its statement. About 77 percent of Americans said religion is “losing its influence” on American life, while only 20 percent said religion has gained in influence. The latest responses represent some of the worst ratings given to religion’s role since 1969 and 1970, during the Vietnam War and in the midst of countercultural movements around politics and sexuality. — Jaweed Kaleem

* * * * * * A majority of Americans believe that religion’s influence in the nation is waning, yet also think society would be better off if more Americans were religious, according to a new survey. … Continue reading

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sage Carl Gregg: Do you remember the national shock in 2006 at the ability of the Amish to forgive so quickly in the wake of the tragic school shooting in Pennsylvania in 2006? The “renegade” Amish culture is precisely what allowed them to actually practice the way of Jesus, which most of us merely admire: “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Scripture is a reminder that we need to risk the consequences of being renegades sometimes to develop the alternative perspective necessary to actually have good news to share about the renegade way of Jesus, which is in creative tension with the cultural functions of our age or perhaps any age.

  * * * * * My Southern Baptist heritage — rather than leading me to embrace the social views of the “Religious Right” — instead formed me in the long run to be sympathetic with the perspective … Continue reading

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Shouting Stones: Nicodemus in the Shadows — I had to watch my words, lest those in power question me, perhaps even arrest me as a follower of this radical rabbi. Was it worth my life to continue pursuing this mad man? — Peter M. Wallace

    * * * * * by Peter M. Wallace * In this reflection, Peter Wallace, host of the Day1 radio program, imagines Nicodemus’s ambivalence about following Jesus. *   What if they find out? What if … Continue reading

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Joseph of Arimathea: For Joseph, putting God first most likely cost him his position in the community, maybe his job, possibly his wealth. Herbert Lockyer says legend has the apostle Philip sending him to Britain. Other traditions say Joseph took Mary and others with him to Britain, where he raised a church and preached the gospel. Whatever happened, he certainly must have had to give up his former life in Jerusalem. — Mike Ford

    * * * * * by Mike Ford * In the process of a Bible study I was doing on relationships, I came across some examples of friendships in one of my study aids. Some of … Continue reading

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Shouting Stones: What we do today at this line demonstrates how we hear the centurion’s words in Mark. Do we yearn to be an insider in power or in prophetic belonging that will be crushed by those in power? Do we practice any forbearance to remain at the line, or do we succumb to the forced choice: to be in, or be out? C.S. Lewis names this human ‘insider’ drive “one of the great permanent mainsprings of human action.” The insatiable desire to belong to such circles is his particular interest, both for its fundamental shaping of human lives and its potential to create anguish, suffering, even evil, within human society. He warned that “the quest of the Inner Ring will break your hearts unless you break it.” The centurion pushes this lesson even further, suggesting the real invitation to human fullness requires not only breaking the insider drive, but developing capacities to be at the inside-outsider line, valuing the truths of faith while bearing up under the mockery of the mob. How difficult it is to stand at that line, after all, being both inside and outside. — Lisa M. Hess

* * * *– * by Lisa M. Hess * The Centurion at the Cross The Roman centurion who speaks during Jesus’ last breaths on the Cross is the latest character to be explored in our Shouting Stones … Continue reading

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