Needless to say, God destroyed my hilltop aspirations! Instead, He began to give me a different vision of theology and His desire for His theologians. Instead of wealthy scholars in Oxford button-ups, I saw Martin Luther King, Jr. lying in a pool of his own blood on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel. Instead of gated compounds in Colorado, I saw Dietrich Bonhoeffer swinging from the gallows of the Konzentrationslager Flossenbürg Concentration Camp. I saw Balthazar Hubmaier. I saw John Huss. I saw Polycarp. I saw Peter. I saw Paul. And I saw Jesus. — James H. Hill, Jr.






Being a Theologian in the 21st Century


Then I saw the goals I set for myself, and I wept bitter, cold tears.

The task of the theologian is not just another vocation.

We’re not like lawyers.

We’re not like med-students.

We’re trained officers called to lead a non-violent militia of righteousness.

We’re not called to write books in order to feed our families an earn a wage.

We’re called to write books in order to feed the Shepherd’s sheep and raise the consciousness of humanity.

We live in a culture where, to say that another individual is wrong based on the edicts of God, is to ensure one’s vocational demise.

We live in a world ravaged by war, plagued by injustice, and poisoned by the streams of subjectivism.

What does it mean to speak for God?

What is the purpose of excavating the Scriptures? The accumulation of awards and medals and emeritus faculty positions!

God help us!

Christianity, in its puritanical essence, is a subversive religion. Jesus established His Kingdom to be antithetical to that of Caesars. The Lord’s Supper was a subversive act. The singing of hymns to Lord Jesus was a subversive act. The refusal to partake in pagan rituals and events was subversive.

Are we subversive? Though our aim is not to coerce the culture, does your work speak against its ills?

Do you step outside your door and shake violently by the rapturous iniquity that surrounds us all? Do you think that is a silly notion. If so, check your pay stub…you might be on the Empire’s payroll.

I oftentimes think what seminary enrollment would look like if they pose a picture of Dr. King dead on a balcony on their fliers. What if they made a banner of Bonhoeffer hanging from the gallows? What if they REALLY showed what happened to Paul, Peter, James, and our Lord? What would enrollment look like if they showed us what would happen if we truly allowed our academics to be the impetus for our actions?

They know exactly what would happen.

That’s why our brochures are filled kids playing ping-pong.

Ping-Pong is great, but the revolution awaits.

The world is languishing in the cesspool of its own iniquity and it needs to know that there are some men and women who have taken the danger into consideration and are willing to risk life and reputation in order to salvage some.

The call to theology is a call to embrace the danger.

I thank God my comrades see me as dangerous.

I don’t like ping-pong anyway.


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