The German experience under Hitler is certainly a warning to the church not to tailor its proclamation in misplaced allegiance to the policies of an evil regime. But at an even more basic level, it is a warning to the church not to allow its witness to be subverted by human political ideologies at all. For politicization reduces the church’s moral credibility; it does not strengthen it. Far too much of the legacy of Christendom is the tragic way in which Christians have used the church and its religion to support their own oppressive politics and misguided ideologies. Christians’ moral and political authority has deservedly weakened. For the sake of the gospel and the church’s witness contemporary Reformed two kingdoms theologians warn the church against confusing its mission with political ideology, and against conflating its allegiance to Christ with its allegiance to secular powers. They rightly call the church to its fundamental mission of preaching Christ to a sinful world. Perhaps that wouldn’t have been such a bad foundation for German Protestants under Hitler after all. — Matthew J. Tuininga






McDurmon wants the church to use its prophetic voice to promote the sort of politics he thinks will “restore America to its biblical foundations.” No doubt he believes his particular political perspective is scriptural. But I suspect most Christians would interpret McDurmon’s political theology somewhat less graciously.

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