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Look what happens when you god-up to North Korea’s totalitarian regime — you might end up getting shot dead because of the emperor’s carnal urges

  * * * * * * the emperor’s wife Ri Sol-Ju  (not shot dead so far) * * * *   * Alleged death On August 29, 2013, The Chosun Ilbo reported that Hyon had been … Continue reading

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Miley Cyrus’ twerking used a foam finger “phallus”

* twerking without the phallus   — * * * * Miley’s twerking   — * * * Miley Cyrus age 20 * * * The word “twerking” is of uncertain origin. Possibilities include a contraction of “footwork.”  or … Continue reading

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Seamus Heaney, the Nobel Prize-winning poet whose crystalline, descriptive verse led many to consider him the best Irish poet since Yeats, died Thursday. He was 74. — Henry Chu

* great Irish poet Seamus Heaney      1939-2013 * *,0,6967474.story?track=rss * His death was confirmed by his publishers, Faber and Faber, which said that it could not “adequately express our profound sorrow at the loss of one of the world’s … Continue reading

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“The Cost of Discipleship” by the greatest of leaders Dietrich Bonhoeffer

* * Dietrich Bonhoeffer   1906-1945     Jesus’ greatest disciple * Dietrich Bonhoeffer on a weekend getaway with confirmands of Zion’s Church congregation (1932) * * * * * * * * * * * One of the … Continue reading

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But these reactions are not really about Batman. They’re about us and our relationship with narratives, stories, and mythology. The primary way we encounter and make sense of the world is through story. Even that which we consider “fact” is usually filtered through a lens of interpretation and contextualization. We construct narratives of our own lives, interpret current events in the context of narrative historical arcs, and use fictional stories and mythologies to uncover truths about our lives and world. In this sense, we all have profound emotional investments in our narratives and care deeply about how those stories are told and who is doing the telling. Ben Affleck as Batman may not get you riled up, but chances are good that something else will. — Michael Knopf

  * Ben Affleck * * * Hundreds of thousands of fans yesterday begged Warner Bros. to dump Ben Affleck as its next Batman — mocking the 41-year-old actor as too stale, hairy and vanilla to play the Caped … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman: The Unsaved World — Why don’t we learn from financial crises? As Asian currencies fall and crisis strikes, we seem to be making the same mistakes made in the ’90s.

  * * * * * * In case you’re wondering, the rupiah is the national currency of Indonesia, and, like many other emerging-market currencies, it has fallen a lot over the past few months. The thing … Continue reading

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Men who can’t cry are the most fragile men I’ve ever known. Whereas depressed men often are sitting on grief, I find that depressed women are sitting on anger. Anger they can’t or won’t “own.” A woman’s rejection of anger often is argued as “I don’t want to hurt people,” or “It’s not a loving way to treat people.” These women are afraid of hurting, that is, not being loving to the people with whom they are angry. But I’m here to tell you the exact opposite is true. An angry woman who does not yet know she is angry must hurt you. Grief and anger are the names of two crucial intimacies. Until we are willing to be intimate with those emotions in ourselves, we will always be impeded in our ability to be intimate with others. — Steven Kalas

  * * * * * *,0,2605342.story * * Men as likely to suffer from depression as women – they just show it differently, study finds * Our findings showed that men are willing to endorse the … Continue reading

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