The NBC entertainment division is doing a four-hour mini-series biography of Hillary Clinton starring Diane Lane. Talk about unfair advantage, right?



super sexy Diane Lane soon to be 49 yrs. old

Diane Lane (Berlin Film Festival 2011) 2.jpg




Julianne Moore’s Emmy-winning performance in “Game Change” solidified Sarah Palin’s reputation as an emotionally erratic dunce. Palin attacked the “pro-leftist, pro-Barack Obama machine there at HBO.”

Moore and Palin aside, often when someone is portrayed by a popular actor — consider Robert Redford as Bob Woodward — some of the glamour seeps into the subject. And Diane Lane is a very alluring actress. Hillary tries awkwardly to airbrush her history, but everybody can use some professional help. By the time Hollywood is finished, Hillary could be fighting critics with the sexy charm and kickboxing skills of Catwoman.


But that just made the Republicans look as though they were running around stamping their feet because they don’t have any leaders outside New Jersey anyone wants to see a movie about — let alone two.


The Clintons, working hard to cast themselves as models of civic virtue, are upset at scandals rippling through their world. The Virginia gubernatorial race of their pal and former fund-raiser, Terry McAuliffe, has been roiled by the revelation that the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating GreenTech, the electric-car firm he co-founded. And there’s the potboiler in New York, where Clinton pet Huma Abedin props up digital dog Anthony Weiner as he talks about “Medicare for all New Yorkers” while his former sexting partner, Sydney Leathers, pops up in a satirical porn film.

“We are a hundred miles from that race, and everyone understands that we are not going to be involved,” Bill Clinton told CNN, explaining that they can’t support Weiner because they are friends with some of his rivals. He diplomatically left out the part about how, also, they can’t stand Weiner.

But, fortunately for Hillary, GOP National Committee chair Reince Priebus is working hard to make her look more important (by way of his doofwad gaffes).


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