Inspirations/alter egos (William Jennings Bryan/Thomas Jefferson)




Inspirations [William Jennings Bryan/Thomas Jefferson]

The 1925 Scopes trial capstone is that prosecutor Bryan railed vs. racial hegemony [white is

clean, black is dirty][social darwinism/master race]. Defense atty. Darrow extolled progressive

enlightenment, yet Bryan revoked the heresy that Negroes were monkeys.

Our Johnny Wilson’s hero was Bryan [Bryan College] [everybody’s equal — Matthew 26:28].

Bryan’s hero was Thomas Jefferson [Declaration of Independence –life, liberty, pursuit of

happiness]. Joe Farrington’s hero was Lincoln [with malice toward none; with charity for all].

Jack Burns’ hero was St. Thomas Aquinas [the common good of “order” is shared equally– all

should have equal opportunity–Summa Theologica II-II q. 25 6 ad 2]. St. Thomas Aquinas’

secular references were Plato & Aristotle. Pablo Manlapit’s heroes were Jose

Mercado Rizal & Jefferson. Ben Menor’s heroes were Jefferson & Lincoln. Shigeo Yoshida’s

was Charles Hemenway. Hilo assimilationist Kango Kawasaki’s was Marcus Aurelius. Manuel

Pacheco’s was ubiquitous Johnny Wilson. Wilson was no Disraeli/Garibaldi/Cicero/Robespierre/

Lili`uokalani. Wilson was down-home, campfire comfy Andrew Jackson/noble savage Rousseau/

courageous Voltaire. Mentors/positive role models incredibly rich tradition of larger-than-life

inspirations. Walt Dods’ is kanaka Johnny Bellinger. Kansas prairie boys Del Metzger/Martin Pence

were inspired by Old Hickory Andrew Jackson, as was Missouri’s Harry Truman. Lincoln’s hero

was Kentucky abolitionist/Whig Henry Clay.  Kentucky’s Henry Clay, who is Abraham Lincoln’s role model, was a firm

abolitionist who said,  “I’d rather be right [abolition of slavery] than be

President [of the United States].”   Divine destiny over opportunity/

ambition. So true.


Ironically, Ho Chi Minh 1890-1969 used Jefferson’s 1776 Declaration of Independence’s “life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness” in breaking away from colonial France. Each time WWI/WWII eras, Ho Chi Minh beseeched our U.S. to intercede to endorse Vietnam independence from France, to no avail. Our Seattle polyglot Miles Cary 1895-1959 is McKinley High School’s greatest educator 1924-1948, being the spiritual guru via Cary’s hero John Dewey’s progressive education to untold students, including Gladys Brandt. Riley Allen 1884-1966 is a Southwestern Texan who revolutionized the Star-Bulletin 1912-1960 to vow that for the meek of the earth, theirs is the kingdom of heaven, so to speak, like George Chaplin 1914-2003, Southern Jew who upended the Advertiser by going grassroot all the way, such as endorsing Dan Inouye over Advertiser board chair Walt Dillingham’s son Ben II for U.S. Senate 1962, after which Walt promptly resigned in protest. Walt died broken-hearted a year later. The world was a changin’. Scribe Bud Smyser from York PA. 1920-2001 also was a Dewey progressive activator.


Gen. Matthew Ridgway 1895-1993 argued against our involvement in Vietnam, stating that Vietnam was not vital to our national security, contrary to John Foster Dulles’ domino theory. Ridgway’s prescience/foresight foretold the later Weinberger doctrine about limited objectives instead of widespread imperialism.

The obscene face of war dispels any romantic notion a soldier has about combat. There is no glory in the carnage of a minefield which numbs you with fear. And when you want to give up and die, you somehow remember that in a previous war, some soldier before you had it even tougher, and didn’t quit and die. Now this is revelation/Providence.


Dr. Albert W. Palmer was born May 18, 1879, in Kansas City, Missouri, but spent his early years in California. He graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 1901, and from Yale Divinity School in 1909. He served two California churches before coming to Central Union, most notably Plymouth Church in Oakland, from which he was called to Central Union. He was pastor of Central Union from December 5, 1918 until June 1, 1924, and then accepted a call from First Congregational Church in Oak Park, Illinois, which he served until 1930. On January 1, 1930 he became the President of Chicago Theological Seminary, serving there 16 years until he retired on December 21, 1945. He returned to California, and served the First Church of Los Angeles, 1946-1949. Dr. Palmer died December 16, 1954 in Altadena, California, a Los Angeles suburb.  He wrote 12 books, from 1911 to 1949.

Do you know that irascible Hung Wai Ching 1905-2002 followed in Dr. Palmer’s footsteps, going from Union Theological Seminary, to Chicago Theological Seminary, & finally to Yale Divinity??   Frank Atherton & Charles Hemenway made it possible for footloose Hung Wai to ascend up the seminary ladder.


Hitobi to wo sonkei shimasu [respectful of older folks/the past]

Biggest thing the post-1920 born AJAs have over their pre-1920 born AJAs is their

high school diploma, which was denied to the pre-1920 born plantation kids because

of Big 5 cabal repression [to keep kids chained to the plantation camps]. Next big

diff is that the post-1920 born kids are impudent/defiant/anti-authority, which are

why the Dan Inouye/Isamu Kanekuni generation repudiated everything smacking of

accomodation/subservience of the pre-1920 born kids who, because of job preservation,

stayed GOP. Great thing about the pre-1920 born plantation kids is hitobi to wo sonkei

shimasu [respectful of older folks/the past]. You see only repudiation/revocation

w/the younger post-1920 born rebels/nonconformists. Sad.



Karl Marx defined bourgeois as capitalist ruling class, whereas conventional

meaning was “middle class.” German Marx saw bourgeois as pejorative

for materialism’s heyday, thence Marx’ unique designation. Over the long

sweep of history, Marxism never won, evidenced by Soviet collapse/

tyranny over the teeming masses by Mao. Mixed capitalism/regulatory

oversight produced highest standard/quality of life worldwide, seen here

in U.S./Thatcher’s Britain. Even in Hawai`i among local brahmins/elite,

Christian Grace promulgated patron saints Charles Hemenway/Frank

Atherton/Walt Dillingham along Merchant St. block. Of course, Puritan

notions of thrift/frugality/toil expanded capitalist acquisitions, but

thankfully our Social Gospel [Matthew 5/Isaiah 58] averted terminal

avarice/greed. Unquestionably, Hemenway/Atherton evoked the

best of altruism/selfless giving. Today’s AJAs Matsy Takabuki/Dan

Inouye/George Ariyoshi/Hilo’s Rob Kiyosaki-Isamu Kanekuni hora fuku

tout about self-reliance/economy/material worth, but actually they are

what Karl Marx postulated as decadent wanna-bees [sycophants of nouveaux

rich/new aristocrats], who in the end will be adjudged as vain

men who self-glorified amid their acquisitions. Not surprising that

Fukuoka ken taker Ariyoshi got nailed w/undeclared

valuables at airport customs desk.


Our most underrated U.S. military General Matthew B. Ridgway 1895-1993 felt that our United Nations forces could have gotten to Korea’s Yalu River, but that our U.S. leaders would not have committed the manpower to hold that line or to cross it. Ridgway’s unusual awareness of limited war/objectives, & his stragic grasp & battlefield leadership, are unmatched in U.S. military history. Of course, WWII German Generals feared Patton more than any other Allied General because of Patton’s boldness & instinct for war strategy a la Genghis Khan 1162-1227 A.D./Saladin 1138-1193 A.D./Nobunaga Oda 1534-1582/William Slim 1891-1970 British commander]. The greatest siege? Jericho by the Israelites 1350 B.C. Vietnam War’s Gen. William Westmoreland was constrained by numbers cruncher/systems analyst Bob McNamara’s civilian-imposed limits on operations in fighting a limited war on difficult terrain to contain communism. Yes, Alexander the Great 356-323 B.C./Hannibal 247-182 B.C./Napoleon 1769-1821 A.D./Helmuth von Moltke 1800-1891 A.D./William Sherman 1820-1891 A.D. also were great military Generals.

Today’s Gen. McChrystal is correct about troop increase, but McChrystal’s insubordination was too much for President Obama to bear. Gen. MacArthur’s assessment of the Korean conflict was incorrect, unlike McChrystal’s assessment here. Gen. MacArthur correctly was upended by Gen. Ridgway.

Sage Gen. Matthew Ridgway 1895-1993

Ridgway dispelled MacArthur’s all-out war vs. China call in the Korean War by retaking Seoul & crossing the 38th Parallel. Ridgway also averted U.S. intervention to prevent French defeat in Indochina, arguing that ground forces equal to those in Korea were necessary to turn the tide for the French, over intervention proponent Admiral Radford, who argued that naval/air power were sufficient. Ridgway showed keen insight on the objective of limited war, unlike Radford & Korean War nemesis MacArthur. Ridgway insisted on withdrawal from Vietnam after the Gulf of Tonkin deception, arguing that we were destined to lose to civil war forces via our containment focus, on difficult terrain, via limited warfare. Ridgway’s prescience laid the foundation for Reagan’s Weinberger doctrine in 1985 which dissuades us from committing troops to conflicts in which no direct vital interests are at stake [ergo Hussein-Iraq]. Ho Chi Minh’s Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap is overrated, his impatience resulting in disastrous defeats beyond the capabilities of his forces [Tet offensive]. Although the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu 1954 enhanced Giap’s persona, the major strategic decisions of the French Indochina War were made by China, over greenhorn Giap’s objections. World media convinced the U.S. public that existing U.S. strategy of attrition would not result in final victory after Giap’s failed Tet offensive. W/public support undermined for our war effort, President Johnson halted U.S. air strikes above the 20th Parallel to induce negotiations w/ Ho Chi Minh.

The greatest war movie? Probably the greatest anti-war movie “All Quiet on the Western Front” 1930 about WWI trench warfare directed by Lewis Milestone based on Erich Remarque’s novel.

A war memoir? With the old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawaâ 1981 by E.B. Sledge. Aloha, Curt

Military innovations? Gunpowder China 1000 A.D. Steam power/propulsion 1800 A.D. Rifled musket 1850 A.D. stretched lethal range from 250 ft. to 900 ft. Quick-firing artillery & internal combustion engine 1900 A.D. Radar 1940 A.D. Nuclear weapons/nuclear power 1945/1960 A.D.

Kazuma Hisanaga 1918-1998 never lived down his AJA dad Hisakichi Hisanaga’s 1890-1978 alleged run of vice activities/wealth. Kazuma was a multi-sport athlete/442 Silver Star recipient/longtime educator known as a disciplinarian-tough heel, alter ego for Kiyo Hamakawa born 1929, another tough hombre but opposite of Kazuma via Kiyo’s soft touch/gentle nature, Kiyo also a longtime educator.

Wally Yonamine/Andy Miyamoto/Kurt Suzuki/Shane Victorino all Maui boys. Angel Maehara/Island Movers’ Don Takaki sports enablers from Maui. Old Maui took sports seriously. For others, sports are just recreation. Old Maui more plantation era/rigid code of behavior a la bushido.

Masuo Monjou [moniker from his French teacher, not Nippon manju] Masutani 1909-1993 was a renegade drunk whom Richard Nakamura born 1921 couldn’t stand, per Rich. Rich says that Monjou never did anything for the Waiakea Pirates other than play/coach the Pirates squads. Yet Manjou’s wife/kids are scholars. Nobu Maruyama 1903-1996 was the quintessential philanthropist/altruist, per Rich. Rich is not related to C.T. Nakamura, who worked w/Nobu & Monjou at Davies. C.T. assisted Nobu for the Pirates. Big 5 commercial giants took in our athletes for their sports teams, the elite senior leagues.

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