What’s going on here? (discernment) Ed Snowden shuns his father who ‘doesn’t represent him in any way’ as paranoid whistleblower also says he doesn’t trust WikiLeaks anymore. — Matt Blake



Watchdog? Edward Snowden gave his first interview since outing himself famously as the NSA leaker. In it, he called out the American media for being complacent toward government power grabs
Travelin' man: Lon Snowden will soon visit son Edward in Russia, it will be the first time he's spoken to his son since the former NSA analyst began leaking NSA secrets earlier this year

Fall out? Snowden (top), whose whereabouts remain  unknown, made the extraordinary claim as his father, Lon (bottom), told US television he intended to travel to Russia to see his son





  • Snowden made claim as father, Lon, plans to  travel to Russia to see his son
  • Lon’s legal team said yesterday they didn’t  trust Guardian or WikiLeaks
  • Also said Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald touted  story out for seven-figure sum
  • Snowden: ‘They know nothing special and do  not represent me in any way’
  • He adds: ‘Don’t  exploit tragic vacuum of my father’s emotional compromise’

Earlier this week, Lon Snowden secured documents to visit his son in Russia and plans  to discuss how he could fight espionage charges.

Neither he nor his attorney Bruce Fein have  spoken directly with the  former NSA analyst since he fled the United States and  received asylum  in Russia, they said.

But the father and lawyer also said they look  forward to meeting with Edward Snowden to consider options for the  leaker to  return to the United States at some point.

‘As a father, I want my son to come home if I  believe that the justice  system … is going to be applied correctly,’ Lon  Snowden said.


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