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His actions were in perfect harmony with his words. No contradiction existed to create confusion or disappointment in those who followed Him. His life was a living symbol of the very words He spoke. He was a book read of all men. The love of the Father was fleshed out in His daily associations with the very lowest in the caste system of society and religion. He ate meals with the untouchables, defended the prostitutes, healed the afflicted and pursued the oppressed. And He didn’t do this to make a statement. He preferred these people. He truly enjoyed their company. And they all in turn were at ease in the Jesus’ presence; all, that is, but the religious leaders who despised this reversal of established order in their precious community. Personally, I think they would have liked to be at some of those parties with Jesus, but they couldn’t bear not being the guests of honor. It was unthinkable for them to have to take the lower seats with the riff raff. — Don Milam

* * * * * *’s_Word_to_Mankind.htm * Jesus’ language was sprinkled with the poetic, the imaginative, the metaphorical. It disarmed and stirred curiosity in the hearers, opening their hearts without their even being aware. His powers of … Continue reading

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Jesus’ mind-blowing “huli ‘au” (upside down) overturning of this world of our flesh — Jesus violated every conceivable tradition when it came to His associations with the marginalized of Jewish society. He infuriated the Pharisees with every compassionate touch. The Qumran community of the Essenes had an unconditional law: “No madman, or lunatic, or simpleton, or fool, no blind man, or maimed, or lame, or deaf man, and no minor shall enter the community. “Jesus came to shatter these man-made laws with the vengeance of Heaven. It was these very rejected ones whom He had come to save. To the Pharisees He declared, ‘But go and learn what this means, “I desire compassion, and not sacrifice,” for I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.’ The Pharisees surrounded themselves with the rich, the wise, the educated, and the elite of society. Jesus, conversely, surrounded Himself with the poor, the uneducated, the rejected, and the outcasts of society.” — Don Milam

* * * *’s_Word_to_Mankind.htm * Jesus attacked and confounded the conventional wisdom of His day—the accepted psyche of the Jewish community. * He reversed religious order, violated accepted social practices, and challenged the motivations of men’s actions.      Scripture does … Continue reading

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On any given day you could find Him in places like the home of Simon the leper sharing a meal, or in the streets protecting a prostitute from the outraged attack of religious hypocrites, or walking the roadways in search of those who were lost and shunned by society. They pressed in all around Him. If only they could touch Him. If only they could get His attention. All throughout the land they had heard of the power of His touch and longed to experience that human-divine connection for themselves. The words of Jesus were empowered in the people’s eyes by His actions. He didn’t send the hypocritical message of the religious hierarchy, “Do as I say, not as I do!” — Don Milam

  * * * * *’s_Word_to_Mankind.htm * To the abiding rancor of the sanctimonious religious leaders, no self-preservative fear or religious inhibition prevented this Man from touching the defiled, as such were religiously defined. Lepers, prostitutes, the blind, … Continue reading

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The religious rulers avoided the “unclean” in the Jewish community, but Jesus made them His friends. This attachment to the “common” man was a thorn in the side of the religious community. It was unsettling to their beloved positions. It exposed their hearts hardened by religious tradition and pride. — Don Milam

* * * *’s_Word_to_Mankind.htm * Loving Compassion and Healing Action Like cracking concrete, men began to feel a life pushing its way up out of the hardness of their parched souls as they listened to the words of … Continue reading

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It was glaringly clear that His way and words were far different from those of the rulers of Israel. These religious aristocrats always made the ways of God so difficult, if not impossible, and presented Him as harsh, demanding and to be feared. The simple people who felt inferior in the presence of these learned men wondered how they could ever hope to experience the transcendent and mysterious God. Jesus, thankfully, did not speak in the dialect of those religious rulers. He was not addicted to theological language; His mission was to make the Good News simple enough for a child to understand. In anger, He attacked the shepherds of Israel for their abuse of Father’s words. Not only did they not drink, they muddied the pure water of the Word so much that the sheep could not drink it. No more! — Don Milam

* * *’s_Word_to_Mankind.htm * Christ succeeded in making his point of view about life and the world prevail over our point of view, not by rhetoric or any of the normal forces of persuasion, but by himself. For … Continue reading

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Jesus is the Word, and He speaks the forgotten language of Eden. He comes among the children of men to resurrect the memory of that ancient home and tongue. Man lost the ability to speak the old language of Eden, but when Jesus spoke, He stirred long-buried memories. Men and women followed Him as sheep follow their shepherd because they recognized His voice deep within their souls. They knew that Voice. — Don Milam

  * * *’s_Word_to_Mankind.htm * Sitting mesmerized under this voice, people murmured to one another, “We have never heard a man speak like this!” The intonations of love and the articulation of acceptance reminded them of better times. … Continue reading

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My head was huge, but my heart was empty. I had a great deal of knowledge but so very little real experience of the spiritual. I can remember no classes in those four years that were about Jesus. He seemed to be referred to more as a means to an end—ministry. But there was a difference in how I read in my later years than how I read in my earlier ones. I was guided by spiritual hunger, not motivated by seeking a good text to preach on, some “new” revelation to feed my spiritual pride. — Don Milam

  * * *’s_Word_to_Mankind.htm * God longs to speak to us in a way that we can feel, not just in our minds but with our whole beings. The final form of spiritual speech chosen by Father is … Continue reading

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