Kairos is different from Chronos (chronology). It’s the ancient Greek word for the right or opportune moment. A supreme moment. It’s a place beyond time. — Steven Kalas








In kairos, time becomes irrelevant.

Religious people are talking kairos when they speak of eternity. Or heaven. Eternity doesn’t mean “a long time.” It doesn’t mean “forever,” as in, all the time (chronos) that there is.

It means absolutely present to a moment. A supreme moment wherein you’ve forgotten yourself and are therefore paradoxically your most authentic self.

There are no watches or clocks in heaven. No alarms to set. If you ask “What time is it?” the answer will always be, “It’s now o’clock.”

Some personalities have an easier time with chronos. Other personalities (mine, for example), are more prone to float away into kairos. “Steven, you bend time,” is how my girlfriend says it. I rather like the metaphor.

Juggling the balance in this life of time and space is important of course. Not doing so ranges from impolite to irresponsible to a waste of a life.


Getting my attention (chronos) isn’t always easy. I know that’s frustrating for people around me. But, when you have my attention (kairos), you have all of it. In some cases, for some people, it’s probably not even entirely comfortable to have all my attention.

Kairos is easy for me. But remembering which Tuesday is recycle day is a dicey business at my house.


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