If you needed any proof that money and power are not the most important ways to define your life, “The Wolf Of Wall Street” is it. The film has drawn criticism for what some viewers saw as the glorification of theft, lewd behavior and downright deplorable morals. But the antics of the film’s subject, real-life financial swindler Jordan Belfort, can also be seen as a cautionary tale for how material excesses cloud your life. — Huffpost


A man in a suit with a big smile on his face. Behind him a chaotic office scene.





HuffPost Live’s Alyona Minkovski spoke with several investors who know Wall Street well and shared stories of the wild lifestyle that comes with working there.

“If you were in some of these firms and you did a good job bringing in a big client for them, these guys would put you on the 50-yard line of the NFL. They’d put you in front of women that would make your head spin,” said Shane Siederman, a partner at Bay Ridge Financial.

But the life of the real “Wolf” is an extreme example of the way an addiction to perks and rewards drives a person into darkness.

“Jordan Belfort was a psychopath, a sociopath and out of bounds, even by Wall Street standards,” said Frank Armstrong III, founder of Investor Solutions Inc. “Unfortunately in the film he comes off as a somewhat sympathetic, flawed character, when in fact he was just lower than pond scum.”

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