Negative/minus “leader” Bob Gates: From LA Times — Gates is less critical of Bush overall (vs. Obama), saying they were “in lockstep on strategy with respect to Iraq, Iran and other important issues” after Bush named him to replace Donald H. Rumsfeld as Pentagon chief in late 2006. Obama worried that top Pentagon officers, including Petraeus and Adm. Michael Mullen, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs, were giving him “the bum’s rush” in pressing for more troops in Afghanistan early in his first term, Gates says. — David Cloud LA Times



Robert Gates, the first who will be the last





Gates devotes nearly half of the 594-page book to his two years (actually, 25 months) at the Pentagon during the Bush administration. What he doesn’t do in that section, however, is employ any embarrassing anecdotes or acidic comments as in some of his writing on the Obama years.


At one point he describes the Bush administration as “a toxic mix of flawed assumptions about the [Iraq and Afghanistan] wars themselves; a risk-averse bureaucracy; budgetary decisions made in isolation from the battlefield; Army, Navy and Air Force focus in Washington on the routine budget process and protecting dollars for future programs; a White House unaware of the needs of the troops and disinclined to pay much attention to the handful of members of Congress who pointed to those needs; and a Congress by and large so focused on the politics of the war in Iraq that it was asleep at the switch or simply too pusillanimous when it came to the needs of the troops.”

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