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The young man with terminal cancer was going to die quicker than he thought, and he was very depressed about this. And of course he hadn’t gotten to make his mark, and he had this conversation with this young woman. And the young woman said, “No, you won’t be remembered by others. But I remember you. And you have loved me.” — The Fault in our Stars movie

* * * * To love and to be loved are our deepest desires a la Carl Jung’s archetypes (Jung’s forebearers are mystics Plato, Apostle Paul, & Augustine)(Jung is pronounced like “young”) * * * Archetypal star-crossed lovers Romeo … Continue reading

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Boxing is the art of self defense

* the greatest boxer of all time:   Sugar Ray Robinson 145 lbs. 1943-1947  born 1921/died 1989 complications of punch-drunkedness (pugilistica dementia) * * Yes, today’s lethal attack mode of boxing should be outlawed —  witness Muhammad Ali’s injured state … Continue reading

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