In praise of Ariela Murphy: Of spiritual consciousness






Ariela “Ariel” Murphy (RA), ABR


Profile I see brightly twinkling stars  as I lay in bed  at night and when I wake up in the morning, red cardinals twittering by my window;  sweet – tarty wild guayvies that I pick from  trees along the roadside and turn into refreshingly delicious milk shakes; red, pink, mauve Anthuriums of different  sizes and shapes in most yards – these are some of what  I am grateful for living here on the Big Island.

I drive to work and see a rainbow or sometimes even double rainbows on the sky or the glistening snow-capped tops of Mauna Loa and  Kilauea and revel in the peace such beauty bring to my spirit. I think of how blessed I am that years back,  I decided to relocate to  the Big Island  and quit the rat race and concrete jungles of Manila, where I  was born, raised and educated with a college degree in mass communications and graduate studies in management although I also trained in management in Brussels as a scholar of both the Philippine and the Belgian governments.  In Manila I had a stressful career writing speeches while managing an office as a Director of the Department of Budget and Management in Malacanang.

I believe that there are no accidents in life and that the brakes have been applied to my whirlwind life in Manila and I have been  led to the Big Island to 1) pursue some if not most of my inclinations in life  one of which is to make a difference in my community  and  why I am currently the president of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce, Big Island Chapter;  2) continue my long-dormant journey towards a higher level of spiritual consciousness; 3) and be of service to my fellow men. I believe that I have come to be in my real estate profession to be of help to anyone who comes my way.

Contact Information Direct: 808-961-4820 Cell: 808-345-8475 Email: Website:

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