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There’s a refusal to be defined by or accept labels and doctrines. There’s hesitation to adhere to the institutional viewpoint, born from the way religion has been used for political and economic gain, just the same as Jesus rejected. All those things make people feel their faith has been devalued and bastardized. [Young people] want faith in practice, not about details of what you believe but what you actually do. They don’t want to sit in a church bogged down in doctrinal gymnastics; instead, they will get up and go to Haiti and build a house. –Reza Aslan

  * writer Jennifer Danielle Crumpton * * * A Helluva Zealot: Reza Aslan Doesn’t Just Bury Fox News, He Resurrects the Young, Progressive Christian Imagination * by Jennifer Danielle Crumpton * Are the spiritual-but-not-religious X and Millennial … Continue reading

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An employee who gives information about national security matters to an organization that publishes it online for the world to see is NOT guilty of aiding the enemy. — Charlie Savage

* * * * A military judge on Tuesday found Pfc. Bradley Manning not guilty of “aiding the enemy” for his release of hundreds of thousands of military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks for publication on the Internet, rejecting … Continue reading

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Splintered leftist Occupy movement vs. unified right wing Tea Party: The desire for uniqueness can undermine individuals’ ability to capitalize on whatever consensus actually exists. The NYU scientists believe that this psychological dynamic is reflected most notably in the media today, where conservative pundits speak with a unified voice of a movement, while liberal commentators splinter the left with critical and diverging views. — Wray Herbert

  * * * * The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street came into existence at roughly the same time, in the wake of the financial markets’ collapse, and each was an angry challenge to the country’s financial … Continue reading

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Morning Star Galileo presaged modern astronomy

  * Galileo 1564-1642 * * * Galileo 1564-1642 has been called the “father of modern observational astronomy,”  the “father of modern physics,”  the “father of science,” and “the Father of Modern Science.” * * Morning star is … Continue reading

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T.S. Eliot 1888-1965: Major poet of the last century — we marvel how sharp and complete and sui generis Eliot’s body of work is, from the outset. The wholeness is there, from the very beginning.

* T.S. Eliot * * * We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to  arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.    — from Little Gidding * … Continue reading

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Conscripted into someone’s crises of fear (ego defense) and smallness (arrogance/self-important): Movie “The Way, Way Back” — Trent is … awful. Utterly purposely oblivious to anything but his own ego images of how his life “ought to look” and constantly conscripting the mother, her son and his own daughter into service to that end. He doesn’t beat children or women, at least not with his fists. But he’s a bully, nonetheless. And the worst kind of bully! The kind who believe themselves to be erudite and wise. The kind of bully who is convinced he’s doing you a favor with his condescending, vicious criticisms, his certainty that everyone around him is lucky to benefit from his unique knowledge of how things ought to be.

* * Monstrous vain ego maniacs here who hypocritize & pretend authenticity  — left to right:   George Ariyoshi, Gerald De Mello, Lokelani Lindsey, John Ushijima * * * * * My private practice is replete with issues … Continue reading

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In praise of Herb Alvarez & the House Church phenomenon

* * * Herb is a member of New Hope Christian Fellowship, rooted in Foursquare Gospel: * * The Foursquare denomination, under Hayford’s leadership, is in “Missional Conversation” with the emerging church movement, claimed to be part of … Continue reading

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