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To love and to be loved are our deepest desires a la Carl Jung’s archetypes (Jung’s forebearers are mystics Plato, Apostle Paul, & Augustine)(Jung is pronounced like “young”)

* Archetypal lovers Romeo and Juliet portrayed by Frank Dicksee * However, Jewish theologian Martin Buber says that Jung went outside Jung’s  psychoanalytic expertise into theology by Jung’s point that God does not exist independent of the psyches of human beings. … Continue reading

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In praise of Norwegian missionary Marie Monsen, mother of China House Church Movement, and in praise of Father Giuseppe Girotti, WWII Priest Martyred For Sheltering Jews, Beatified In Italy

* Marie Monsen 1878-1962 * * Marie Monsen (1878-1962) is a name held in high honour among Christians in China, yet she is barely known in the West, even in her native Norway. In 1900, a nationalist uprising … Continue reading

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